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We are an Irish owned, Dublin based commercial kitchen cleaning company.

As a business person or manager, you understand how important it is to clean and maintain your kitchen to the highest standard. The risk of spreading infections in food preparation areas is quite high. A strict daily cleaning routine should be implemented and a regular – every 6 months – deep kitchen cleaning should be done. An unexpected inspection could close down your business or it could destroy your hard earned reputation. This can be avoided by hiring a professional kitchen cleaning company such as Dublin Kitchen Cleaning to clean, degrease and disinfect your commercial kitchen.

Our company specialises in deep commercial kitchen cleaning services. We are one of the most well established commercial kitchen cleaning companies in Ireland. Dublin Kitchen Cleaning covers pretty much the whole of Ireland. At some point or another, we have done work in your area. Great references can be provided from past projects.

There are two types of commercial kitchen cleaning plans available. Light kitchen cleaning services and heavy duty kitchen cleaning services. Both types of cleaning are carried out by professional cleaners with years of experience. Most commercial kitchen cleaning projects will be done overnight or after closing times.

Light Commercial Kitchen Cleaning – this type of deep cleaning service is more suitable to kitchens which are in good shape and only require a refreshing or maintenance. The floors will be washed, all visible areas will be degreased, all walls will be inspected, switches, lights, sockets, piping, doors, handles & counter tops. Special degreasers and food safe chemicals will be used to sanitise and degrease the kitchen.

Deep Commercial Kitchen Cleaning – this type of commercial kitchen cleaning service is more suitable to commercial units which have not been properly maintained and/or an inspector has failed the kitchen due to poor hygiene practices, a newly renovated commercial kitchen, a unit where an infestation has occurred or a commercial kitchen in very bad shape. This type of deep cleaning is very time consuming. What is included in deep kitchen cleaning?

  • all floors & grout
  • all walls & ceilings
  • all ovens/cookers
  • the extractor fan
  • countertops & working tables
  • the cooker burners
  • all hard to reach areas
  • switches, sockets, lights
  • all external pipes & ducts
  • stainless steel polishing
  • sinks, taps & drains
  • presses & storage area
  • the cold room

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

***after cleaning your kitchen will be fully certified by our managers. A Hygiene Cert will issue by post after payment for the job is received to confirm that your commercial kitchen has been professionally cleaned and sanitised***

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